Let’s Work Together

We’re Red Group,

A Backend

Real Estate & Development Team

Backoffice Development

Outsource your real estate development needs, including design coordination, bookkeeping, and project management

Property Management

Specializing in new construction multifamily property management, both full service and paperwork support


From subcontract maintenance to bank requisitions to regulatory compliance we provide structure


Rely on our multi-decade experience in law, construction, and real estate.

We make it simple for you to let go.

Our experience, service, and integrity allow you to sit back and relax to the sound of the ocean waves. (come visit our office and be inspired)

Upload your business to the Cloud

Our entire business is designed to go where you go. Remote bookkeeping and check printing, Basecamp collaboration, document access, payables, receivables, etc.

Watch the magic happen

Give us a try and test the relationship. We never insist on long term commitments. Our business model is based on continuously earning your loyalty.

Enjoy your increased revenue

As attorneys and engineers we are good at what we do, giving you permission to focus on growing your business worry free.